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English Muffin Bread


Are English Muffins really English?

Why are they even called muffins?  I have always thought they were more like flat rolls.

None of these questions really matter, the only thing that matter is I LOVE English muffins.  Toasted and topped with melted butter, really it's the best!  

Problem for me is that I live in the Middle east and when I can find English muffins they are terrible quality and are covered in a layer of ice.

New challenge, make my own.  I can do this and have but it is a lot of work for the yield.  With having 3 kids at home doing school and a toddler I just don't find the time often to indulge in making these crispy, chewy delights.  So, when I am in the mood I take the easy way.  I have decided, there is nothing wrong with the easy way as long as it is delicious!

The easy way is to make this amazing English Muffin Bread

It has the texture and taste of an English muffing but has less steps and only one proofing time.

Start by pouring the warm milk and water into the mixing bowl. I use milk made with powder for all my baking, that way I always have it on hand and don't make my kids angry by using all the "drinkable milk."  I never notice a difference for the taste in baked goods.

I then add the dry yeast and sugar.  I do it in this order because I have had instances when if I put the yeast in first when I get my dough out of the bowl there is still dry yeast at the bottom that was not softened.

Next, add the flour, baking soda,  and salt.  Always add the salt with the flour so that it is not touching the yeast, salt will kill yeast and you will get less of a rise.

Mix with the hook for 8 minutes

It will look like a thick batter, it is very sticky

Spray pans and sprinkle with cornmeal

Spoon batter into prepared pans, it will double in size so use that as a guide to how full you fill the pans

Spray plastic wrap with oil spray and cover loaves

Preheat oven to 200 F

Proof until double in size

Bake until golden brown and done (when a thermometer in the center measures 190 F)

Slice and enjoy with butter, honey, or to make your favorite sandwich with.


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