Ohhhh Desserts and all things yummy....

Comfort Bread

I love putting designs on the sourdough bread when it bakes it has a variance of color between the golden caramelized crust and the lighter indents.

I knew it was a Holiday when I saw my dad in the kitchen making his rolls. The smell of these baking let us know we were almost ready to sit down, we always had them hot and fresh. It was my favorite thing about the meal. I do many variations with this dough base but this is how they look the way my dad made them. They are a rich dinner roll.

This is a spicy Jalepeno Cheddar Bread. It is super yummy as a Roast Beef sandwich.

One of our favorite breakfast breads are these cream cheese twists. They are made from a rich dough and rolled with a cream cheese mixture and then braided.


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