Ohhhh Desserts and all things yummy....

Bacon wrapped asparagus...need I say more?

I guess I should say more since there was more to this delicious dinner and it begins with some truly delicious Grilled Herb Chicken and Sausage Kebabs with Herb Cream Sauce.

But, since you came to this page for the Bacon wrapped asparagus I will refocus.

My good friend recently mentioned making these and it has stayed at the back of my mind.  So, today when I had asparagus that had to be used and a half a pack of uncooked bacon I thought I better try this out.

First, I counted how many pieces of bacon I had and then made that many piles of my asparagus (which were washed, dried and ends cut off)

Then I hold a bundle together and starting at the bottom begin to tightly wrap the asparagus with the bacon.  I did not want a lot of overlap as I like my bacon crisp and did not want any chewy bacon hidden under crisp.

You will see a lot of recipes for these that call for brushing the bacon with olive oil but I don't agree with that. There was plenty of grease from the bacon that I definitely did not need to add any unless it is for the taste but...oh yeah, that is what the bacon is for.

Place the bundles on a heated grill and cook until desired crispness.  Place on paper towels, sprinkle on some fresh ground pepper and serve.  


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